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Established in 1993, The Probert Encyclopaedia is one of the World Wide Web's longest running, largest and most celebrated independent encyclopaedias famed for its originality, reliability and integrity. Because we are independent we can be different. The Probert Encyclopaedia strives to provide accurate, reliable information to everyone. In March 2013 The Probert Encyclopaedia became part of the New Society for the Diffusion of Knowledge (NSDK), a not-for-profit independent, secular organisation providing free information to researchers through the World Wide Web.

We supply text data, maps and images to museums, universities, film companies, documentary makers, schools, businesses and the general public. Funding comes from licensing high resolution maps and images, as well as public donations and advertising. We receive no government or corporate sponsorship.

Researchers are welcome to copy any text and images they see on the web site. High-resolution versions of maps and images, where available, may be licensed. Details of how to license a high-resolution image or map may be found on the hosting web page.

The Probert Encyclopaedia is a fully searchable encyclopedia and English dictionary, and you can browse the various subject sections using the navigation menu to the left. Each article is fully hyperlinked to associated articles, and related articles can be retrieved with a single mouse click by selecting the 'Research' link at the end of the topic.

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Emprobe (real name Matthew Charles Probert) is an English experimental artist and photographer - many of the photographs in the Probert Encyclopaedia were taken by him.

Emprobe was born in 1964 at Brighton to an unmarried mother of German origin and her Jewish one-night stand, and removed at just a week old for adoption - an experience which was to shape his future outlook on society and his place within it.

Emprobe's art work has been variously described as 'Crass', 'Cool', 'Awful', 'Beautiful' and 'Pythonesque', all adjectives which accurately reflect the diversity of the generated art. The works cover a range of styles from decoupage-based sculpture featuring banknotes, through attractive and easy wall art photographs to bizarre fractal landscapes and twisted macabre digital images, mostly tempered by a sense of humour and a desire to shock, surprise and be different.

To the right you can see an Emprobe self portrait entitled 'I Knew I shouldn't Have Got Stoned' which reflects both the humour and the eccentricity of his work, and is perhaps a slightly shocking work.

You can keep up to date with what Emprobe is working on, and find details on where to view his work and even purchase it on Facebook at: Emprobe's Page on Facebook

I Knew I Shouldn't Have Got Stoned - Emprobe 2014

Dr Who?

Recently the BBC television series Dr Who has maintained that the Doctor's real name is a secret, and is unknown. True fans of the show will know ,however, that this is not so. The Doctor's real name was revealed in episode five of the story 'The Armageddon Factor', the last part of the 'Key to Time' series of stories starring Tom Baker and Mary Tamm.

While being held prisoner by 'The Shadow', the Doctor receives an unexpected visitor who tunnels into his cave cell. This visitor identifies himself to the audience as 'Drax', who was a classmate of the Doctor's on Gallifrey some four hundred years earlier, and refers to the Doctor by his real name of.....Theta Sigma, or 'Theet' as Drax likes to call him. More about Dr Who

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