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A grocer is someone dealing in dried and preserved foods and other household goods. Originally the term grocer applied to someone dealing in wholesale (en gros), later it was applied to a dealer of sugar, coffee, tea and spices and the like, which in Mediaeval times was known as a spicer.
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Picture of Antoine-Jean_Gros

Baron Antoine-Jean Gros was a French historical painter. He was born in 1771 at Paris and died in 1835 by committing suicide. He studied art under David, and subsequently became a staff officer in the French army. In this position he produced his picture of the Victor of Arcola, by which he secured the favour of Napoleon. In 1804 he produced his Plague at Jaffa, tvith Napoleon visiting the sick, a work which was crowned at the Louvre. He painted various battle scenes; but his chief work is probably the Cupola of St. Genevieve at Paris, exhibiting the saint protecting the throne of France, represented by Clovis, Charlemagne, St Louis, and Louis XVIII. The artist received for it 100,000 francs and the title of baron. The rise of the romantic school deprived him of his popularity, and he drowned himself in the Seine in 1835.
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Charles II, (Charles le Gros, or Charles the Fat) also known as , is also known as Charles III, emperor of Germany, was a King of France. He was born about 832 and died in 888. He was the son of Louis the German, and ascended the French throne in 885 to the prejudice of his cousin, Charles the Simple, but was deposed in 887 and died the following year.
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Childebert III (Childebert the Just) was king of France. He was born about 683 and died in 711. He was the son of Thierry I, king of the Franks, and was proclaimed king in 695, on the death of his brother, Clovis III. His kingship, however, was merely nominal, the true sovereign being Pepin le Gros or d'Heristal, who, under the title of Mayor of the Palace, exercised the real authority. He was thus one of those Merovingian kings who, from their incapacity, received the appellation of rois faineants, or sluggard kings.
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Gros Ventres is a name applied to two Indian tribes of different origin: the Gros Ventres of the Missouri and the Gros Ventres of the prairie. The latter tribe, after wandering east and joining various tribes temporarily, finally settled about 1824 near Milk River with the Blackfeet. Treaties were made bewteen them and the US government in 1851, 1853 and 1865, and the Indians since continued to be friendly to the US. They suffered considerably from hostilities with other tribes and were relocated to a reservation in Montana.
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A battle is a combat between two armies. In ancient times and the middle ages the battle-ground was often chosen by agreement, and the battle was a mere trial of strength, a duel en gros; and as the armies of the ancients were imperfectly organized, and the combatants fought very little at a distance, after the battle had begun manoeuvres were much more difficult, and troops almost entirely beyond the control of the general. Under these circumstances the battle depended almost wholly upon the previous arrangements and the valour of the troops.

In the 19th century, however, the finest combinations, the most ingenious manoeuvres, were rendered possible by the better organization of the armies, and it was the skill of the general rather than the courage of the soldier that determined the event of a battle. By the Great War of 1914 tactics had changed with the advent of rapid firing weapons, long range artillery and armoured warfare.

Traditionally battles were distinguished as offensive or defensive on either side, but there was a natural and ready transition from one method to the other. As a rule the purely defensive attitude was condemned by tacticians except in cases where the only object desirable was to maintain a position of vital consequence, the weight of precedent being in favour of the dash and momentum of an attacking force even where opposed to superior forces. Where the greatest generals have acted upon the defensive, it has almost always been with the desire to develop an opportunity to pass to the offensive, and having discovered their opponent's hand, to marshal against the enemy, exhausted with attack, the whole strength of their resources. Napoleon won more than one great victory by this method, and Wellington's reputation was largely based upon his skill in defensive-offensive operations. Tacticians have divided a battle into three periods: those of disposition, combat, and the decisive moment. In some measure they require distinct qualities in a commander, the intellect which can plot a disposition being by no means always of the prompt judgment passing to instant action which avails itself of the crucial moment to crush an enemy.
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Point Break is an action adventure starring Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, John McGinley and James Le Gros in a story about a Californian undercover policeman pursuing bank robbers in the Los Angeles surfing scene. Point Break was directed by Kathryn Bigelow in 1991.
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Gros is a heavy silk with a dull finish.
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Gros Ventre is an Arapaho language spoken by some Indians at the Fort Belknap Reservation, Milk River, Montana, USA.
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